ECOA PUC-Rio is a multidisciplinary ecosystem of open innovation and digital education.

PUC-Rio Digital Education Platform

Free digital educational environment that brings together multidisciplinary knowledge and live streams, offering open content in an integrated way, in a navigation experience in the best style of streaming platforms. Best of all, you can issue a statement of your participation and use it for hours of complementary activities. 

Technological Innovation Programs at PUC-Rio

Multidisciplinary training and co-creation programs, promoted by PUC-Rio with leading companies inter fields, such as Globo, Petrobras, MAG Seguros, IRB Brasil RE and Apple, which establishes a systematic environment of ideation and experimentation, based on differentiated methodology, for the creation of innovative products, processes and services.

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Research, Development and Innovation Ecosystem

According to THE University Impact Rankings 2021, PUC-Rio reaffirmed its Latin American leadership in ‘Industry Development, Innovation and Infrastructure’.University-Company cooperation is supported by a complex ecosystem with different competencies, specializations and domains. Below are some os the university’s nodes that make up this ecosystem.

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