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Workshop 1: Building a fast chat app with CloudKitMagic

CloudKitMagic is a framework dedicated to making the task of saving and synchronizing data in iCloud easier. 

In this workshop, we will use a mixture of the synchronous/asynchronous models. How will it work? 

By scrolling down this page, you’ll find the materials for the asynchronous part. They consist of: 

    • a video presentation divided into 2 parts; 
    • a document that represents the content of these videos and; 
    • links to supporting material. 

Please watch the presentation or read the material BEFORE our meeting. 

For the synchronous interaction of our workshop, we will be waiting for you to discuss the idea, the CloudKitMagic framework, how to use it in order to present the proposed concepts for your site and any questions/suggestions you may have.

In the presentation, we will build a chat application together in just 40 minutes, with all the basic functionality for sending and receiving messages, without the need to create a persistence or network layer in our project.

If video plays without subtitles, please turn it on on video setup ⚙️

Example project git

Project branch at the end of part 1: part1-chat_interface

Project branch at the end of part 2: part2-fully_functional_with_cloudkitmagic

Swift Package CloudKitMagic git:


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