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The Australia-Brazil Circular Economy Innovation Forum is the first online platform facilitating innovation collaborations in the circular economy via connecting business communities from Australia and Brazil. 

Funded by the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, our forum presents excellent opportunities for businesses to identify best technological solutions in the circular economy through collaborations and business partnerships. 

Institutional Supporters or Partners


Circular Economy in Brazil

Authors: Valeria Noguti and Ricardo Yogui

Circular Economy and Solid Waste Management: Challenges and Opportunities in Brazil

Authors: Sandro Donnini Mancini, Gerson Araújo de Medeiros, Michel Xocaira Paes, Benone Otávio Souza de Oliveira, Maria Lúcia Pereira Antunes, Ricardo Gabbay de Souza, José Lázaro Ferraz, Ana Paula Bortoleto, José Antônio Puppim de Oliveira.

Circular Economy across Australia: Taking Stock of Progress and Lessons

Authors: Anthony Halog, Raquel Balanay,Sandra Anieke, Tsz Yan Yu.

Circular Economy in supply chain management

Authors: Towfique Rahman and Sanjoy Kumar Paul.

Ideas, innovation and collaboration

The circular economy refers to economic development that balances the interests of businesses, society, and the environment, hence aims for economic growth with renewable resources and less dependence on finite resources. With COVID-19, Earth’s scarce resources became even more valuable and the need for resource optimisation and reuse is unprecedented. Materials recycling, new applications for industrial waste, and discovery of environmentally friendly materials for products are examples that offer opportunities to reduce carbon footprint in a world that needs to tackle resource-related problems emerging from the pandemic, in addition to pre-existing ones. For more information, please visit our Circular Economy page.

When diverse business ecosystems and cultures, such as those in Australia and Brazil, are brought together, there exists a huge potential for knowledge exchange and collaboration among different stakeholders to tackle critical problems and concerns in the circular economy. These multi-national, multi-stakeholder partnerships are especially important at a time when businesses and society are hungry for new ideas and solutions that will help economies recover.

With the aim to foster ideas, innovation, and collaboration, this platform provides an avenue for corporations, SMEs, startups, university labs, incubators to participate via:

  • Webinars
  • Information sharing
  • Business Match-making