This is a joint project led by a team from UTS Business School (Australia) and PUC-Rio (Brazil). Both universities are leaders in innovation in their respective countries and have established themselves as hubs that connect with industries and communities.
Hillbun Dixon Ho - UTS

Hillbun Dixon Ho


Dr. Hillbun Ho is an academic working in the Marketing Department of University of Technology Sydney, with expertise in marketing and sustainability strategies.

Dr. Ho’s research has been published in top management and marketing journals, and won several prestigious international research awards, including Louis Stern Award (American Marketing Association) in recognition of the long-term research impact of his publication and Journal of Retailing Best Paper Award. His work has drawn attention from the popular press, cited by the CMO, The Supply Management Daily, Harvard Business Review, and The Conversation, among others. Dr. Ho has worked for renowned universities in Australia, Singapore, and the U.S. He has consulted for global corporations and conducted research in collaboration with such partners like Singapore Business Federation, Spring Singapore, and Telenor Norway.
Ricardo Yogui​

Ricardo Yogui

AgI - PUC-Rio

Member of Innovation Agency and Commitee of Industrial Liaison Hub at Hard Science & Technological Center (CTC) of PUC-Rio. Professor of Industrial Engineering Department of PUC-Rio.

Coordinator of Innnovation & ExO Program at IAG/PUC-Rio – Business School.
Author of Innovation Framework , an open model, adopted by companies, innovation hubs and startups.
Digital Transformation Mentor in Technological Innovation Program of ECOA/PUC-Rio
Member of Digital Transformation Committee of SAE BRASIL and ROG 2022/IBP
Affiliate member of BIN@ – Business Innovation Network community and Anpei – National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies.

Sanjoy Paul - UTS

Sanjoy Paul


Dr. Sanjoy Paul is currently working as a Senior Lecture in Operations and Supply Chain Management within UTS Business School at the University of Technology Sydney.

He obtained his PhD from the University of New South Wales. Dr. Paul has published many articles in top-tier journals, which earned him several awards including Excellence in Early Career Research Award from UTS Business School, the Stephen Fester prize for most outstanding thesis from the University of New South Wales, high impact publications award for publishing articles in top-tier journals. His research interest includes supply chain disturbance management, modelling, applied operations research, and intelligent decision making.
Valeria Noguti

Valeria Noguti


Expert in consumer behaviour and communications, concluded her PhD in Management/Decision Sciences at INSEAD (France), with undergraduate degrees in IT (FATEC-SP) and Management (FEA-USP), and a Master’s Degree in Management (FEA-USP)…

Dr. Noguti’s research focuses on social media, consumer behaviour, and entrepreneurship, using a wide range of methodologies including quantitative and qualitative, and most recently specialising in automated-text analysis. Dr. Noguti coordinates post-graduate courses in Marketing at UTS (Buyer Behaviour, Digital Consumer Behaviour and Insights, and Marketing Communications). Prior to joining academia, she has worked in various industries such as plastics (General Electric – South America), banking (Banco Frances e Brasileiro, former subsidiary of Bank Credit Lyonnais), publishing (Editora Abril), and hardware/software (intern at IBM – Brazil).

Advisory Board

Rafael Nasser

Rafael Nasser

Professor Rafael Nasser is an Engineer and Doctor in Computer Science. At PUC-Rio he works in coordination of the: Software Engineering Laboratory (www.les.inf.puc-rio.br);

Legalite Law and Technology Center (www.puc-rio.br/legalite); Cocriation and innovation programs (www.puc-rio.br/pit) in partnership with Globo, MAG, IRB, Petrobras and Apple; digital education initiative ECOA (www.puc-rio.br/ecoa); Financial and Actuarial Risk Institute (www.iapuc.puc-rio.br); and Digital Transformation postgraduation (www.puc-rio.br/ecoa/mdt). University-Company cooperation and multidisciplinary are his priorities. Experience of 18 years leading R,D&I and Knowledge Transfer projects in large companies (Furnas, Eletronuclear, Petrobras, Ministry of Tourism, Proderj, Ministry of Planning, TJERJ, MPRJ, etc.). He has been a speaker at several events, such as TEDx and founder of startups. Among his current lines of research and teaching are Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Innovation Process, Entrepreneurial thinking and Agile Methodologies.

Shirley Coutinho

Shirley Coutinho

Executive Coordinator of the PUC-Rio Innovation Agency. Ms. Coutinho gave lectures at the opening of BIN@Sheffield and the Conference on Innovative Processes in the Amazon. She also managed a course in Cuba at the invitation of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Tatiana Araujo

Tatiana Araujo

Expert in sustainability with 16 years of experience. Consultant in ESG, SDG, Circular Economy and GRI Standards. Member of advisory board of GRI Brazil and Netherlands.

Among her clients feature the UN Global Compact, and Firjan (Industry Federation of Rio de Janeiro). She has also served at CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, non-profit civil association that promotes sustainable development through articulation with governments and civil society) and worked at Deloitte and Bureau Veritas.